Mead Class of 74 Gathered In The Commons.  Photo by David van Veen (aka Poof)
Mead Class of 74 Gathered In The Commons. Photo by David van Veen (aka Poof)

Latest Reunion....

Our 40th Reunion took place on
July 25th & 26th 2014.
We had a great time!

There is talk of having a 45th in 2019.  We will keep this page open as long as the site allows us to have it and use it for reporting any upcoming class events.  

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Classmates that attended CDL Resort Event July 26, 2014

In Memory of classmates that have gone before us.

Classmates that attended the 5 Mile Pizza Event.
July 25, 2014
(Many came that are not pictured as they left before we took the photo)
(5 Mile Pizza was a last minute move as Wandermere was closed because
of a bad storm that took out 26 trees and the power)

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Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Melanie Gronholz (Thoreson)
Robert Bosaaen
Lori Thorsrude
Randi Wade
Dan Lynch
Vicki Riddle (Lynch)
Jeff Niccum
Sara Niccum
Wayne Wakefield
David Smith
Smith Jeanine
Brad Kirkwood
Marda Brock (Kirkwood)
David Rubens
Deborah Anderson (Rubens)
Diane Deniston (Cummings)
Pat Cummings
Evett Posey (Brayton)
Norton Posey
Lynden Spouse Of Meri Opsal Skaare (Skaare)
B. Rhea Slichter
David Hultquist
Lesa Kile (Hultquist)
Mike Quinn
Peter Sue's Guest (Bromirski)
Susan Piukkula (Longden)
Denette Stutzke (Dresback)
MAry Kostecka (Bosaaen)
Mike Warner
Nancy Warner
DeAnna Bramer (Owens)
Tom Owens
Kurt Smithpeters
Juanita Truong
Jean Yoho
Mark Hildebrand
Deleen Sanford (Keller)
Michael Keller
David Van Veen
Jack Layton
Merri Goss (Layton)
Dawn Mills (Zickler)
Len Zickler
Leslies Richards (Stachecki)
Thomas Stachecki
Dick Millar
Shannon McKenna (Millar)
Robert 'Bob' Little
Debbie Gordon (Little - Wife Of Bob Little)
Cynthia Anderson (Brandt)
Karen Grubb
Tim Grubb
Laurel King (Randall)
Jim Bayne
Jane Fairburn (Fields)
Janice Peckham (Clark)
Virgil Clark
Lori Cleveland
Mark Cleveland
Don Blair
Steven McCoy
Lindy Smith
Trim Smith
Allen Antonson
Jodi White (Antonson)
Belinda Krous (Harnett)
Tim Harnett
Debra Kaufman
Karen Riemcke (Rohrbach)
Mike Husband Of Karen Riemcke (Rohrbach)
Gloria Webb
Tom Webb
Jeff Israel
Kathy Phillips (Phillips-Israel)
Kim Johnson (Hopkins)
Vicki Wharton (Matthews)
Meri Opsal (Skaare)
Becky Burtts (Bergeleen)
Lyle Bergeleen
Steve Thorsrud
Cheryl Ditton (Mateer)
Thomas Mateer
Mark Wrenn
Molly Tyler (Goe)
Walt Goe
Bruce Axworthy
Linda Young (Axworthy)
Becky Kitchen (Weeks)
Chris Weeks
Pam Baker
Carol Ditton (Deniston)
Eric Deniston
Resa Johnson ()
Kathy Main (Amistoso)
Heidi Stephan (Powell)
Kent (Poke) Powell
Janet McLinden (Constable)
KC Constable
Bruce Warren
Laura Young (Warren)
Bruce Ottoson
Judy Ottoson
LynnDee Bjerke (Schmidt)
Steve Schmidt
Steve Stephens
Total 0 107